05 April 2017

omg these bowls

ahhhh nighttime cell phone photography at its finest!

So put anything in a bowl, and I'm there. Burritos. Smoothies. Cheetos...You get it...

Which is why when I saw one of my very favorite foods, the banh mi, in a bowl I was like 'sign me up!' [No joke - I actually said it aloud to myself while on Pinterest yesterday]. Banh Mi is the Vietnamese word for any kind of bread, but the term is loosely used for these amazing sandwiches that you can get at any Vietnamese restaurant that usually contain all of the yummy ingredients in this bowl. I pickled the carrots for a few hours before serving in a sesame/coconut sugar mixture so you can imagine how good they tasted. Add some lemongrass/chili turkey meatballs [recipe called for pork but I used turkey and they were still amazing!] to the mix and top it with some sriracha mayo and tons of fresh herbs and you have a reaaaaaal party going on in your boring soup bowl. That's the best that bowl has ever looked.

Confession: I made two servings of the meatballs and ended up eating both of them.  Get the recipe here.

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