04 April 2017

i didn't die, in case you were wondering...

So here I was, thinking it's been over 2 years (OVER 2 YEARS) since I blogged on here...and really, shouldn't I sort of re-brand myself? I'm in Marketing after all, and re-branding is right up my alley, in my professional tool kit and all of that...

So I think I will. I need to figure out the ins and outs of it, with redirects and all of that, but it may look a bit different around here very soon. You can see the new name in that artsy picture to the left (and will you check out that clean car?!) I love my original blog, E is for Emily, of course, but I'm ready to leave that part of my life in the past and look back on it fondly. Quite frankly, I had tried creating another blog and  I kind of forgot how much time it takes to get everything looking just the way you want it when you're doing this all from scratch (HTML code, you guys...the struggle is SO real).

And fun fact - I'm taking a hiatus from working for a few months. It's nuts, I know. I've never done anything this crazy before, but I have the means to do it for now, and without any kids to take care of just yet, if not now, when? Trips, adventures, lots of cooking, working out, all of that good stuff is in my future and subsequently, so is the mental and emotional bandwidth to blog again. The reason for not working? Career shift - not a full 180 or anything like that, I won't be going into the medical field or something...can you imagine that, though? The girl who NEVER won a game of Operation in her life actually operating on people? Let's all give thanks for a moment that that isn't where this is going...

So I'll see you around here soon.


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