18 November 2015

twenty nine years ago today

You guys, I did it! Not only did I make this necklace to commemorate today (it's impressive, right?) but today marks the day that I officially begin my 20's swan song.

Now that 29 is my reality, it's a little bittersweet. Mostly sweet, though. I've always said I can't wait to turn thirty - or at least for a good five years now, no joke. And now that thirty is just over the horizon, I want to make this last year in my 20's as sweet and as wonderful as can be. And when thirty comes, there can be fireworks and pugs and faux fur throws galore (hey, it's my party!)

This year, though. This year I'm going to kick some major butt - at living and being a good human and loving people.

All right, 29 - let's do this, Brutus.


  1. Happy Birthday!! (and can I come to the fireworks, pugs, and faux fur throw party next year, please?)

  2. Love this post! Twenty nine-- the year that is might fine!