16 August 2015

the weekend turkey bacon was #winning

ohhhhh yeahhhh... (said slowly, in a reallllly deep voice)

Take it all in, folks. Above is a close up of my breakfast this morning (and yesterday's breakfast, as well). Breakfast and I had a real thing goin' on this weekend. The bacon was turkey in my effort to make this a little less of a calorie bomb, but the crispy greasiness was still appreciated and was a solid effort made on behalf of all turkey bacon-kind.

Weekends around here have been pretty low-key lately. Oh yeah, I got a new job! I know other things have taken up residence around here lately (currently brain-farting about examples of things that show up in the absence of, well, life...cockroaches?) With this new job, I've added 10 hours in the car each week, and it's really pretty amazing how many nights I can fall asleep before 8pm. My weekends have become so so precious to me, filled with domestic goings-on (cleaning! organizing! cooking! baking!) I can't be stopped on the weekends, you guys!

Anyways, happy Sunday to you. Blueberry muffins and banana bread in the oven, currently...I told you, you guys! Martha, watch your back...

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