17 August 2015

a Monday post and a haiku about weekends

Okay you guys, I wrote a haiku about weekends! Ready?

You go too quickly
Friday, Saturday, Sunday!
Only five more days...

I know...watch out Emily Dickinson. But for reals, how is it already Monday? Let's seize the day...and this week! I've rounded up some links below to help get you through this Monday - enjoy!


// Calling all fellow postage stamp-sized bathroom owners - I love these tips for making small bathrooms more stylish (i.e. make them suck less - their words, not mine!)

// Thanks to Google, you can now find out when places you search for are busiest...no lines, woooot!

// A step-by-step guide for an amaaazing at-home pedicure (save those big bucks for a weekend getaway or clothes for fall, amiright? Booties, I'm looking at you)

// Those Europeans know what's up - 9 ways to be more positive according to our friends overseas.

// Girls trips have been on my mind. These guys made a video to show what it would look like if guy best friends vacationed like girl best friends.

// Bookmark these just-for-fun weekend projects...only 5 days to go, party people!

// The Butterfly Joint is a woodworking shop for baby designers...yeah...

// I love a good bar cart, and the irony is not lost on me that as a non-drinker I would love them so much. Get ready to be inspired by these amazing bar carts - do you think I could make one for Shirley Temples and fancy iced teas? I'll make it a thing...

// Taking my future Airstream to one (or all) of America's prettiest beach campsites.

// This NYC elevator just might be the coolest ever.

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