20 April 2015

i'm renaming monday 'funday' in the name of faking it to make it


Am I the only one who kind of wishes Mondays just didn't exist as a day? Let's just get rid of it all together, shall we? But I suppose that would make Tuesday feel Monday-ish, and then we're back where we started. And Wednesday would no longer be hump day, and where would we be without hump day and the camel jokes?

I suppose we're better off with Mondays is the moral of this story. And Mondays do have me feeling all kinds of creative and productive and inspired. So there's that. Here are some things that caught my eye today that I feel like your life will be better for knowing, too. Just saying.

// Science proves that a messy room might indicate a brilliant mind (see Ma?! In high school, I was just really smart!)

// This past weekend, I got my usual bi-annual urge to rearrange my apartment, right on schedule. Good news, it turns out that rearranging your space has all kinds of benefits.

// Because we all have those days (hello every Monday in the history of existence, basically) - here are 15 shows that will put you in a good mood.

// Everything about this house (in Grand Rapids, Michigan!) is perfect.

// Any recipe that claims to be the best cinnamon rolls of my life is something I need. Because...cinnamon rolls.

// Tips to achieving timeless style from J.Crew's head stylist.

// Time for a pantry makeover, party people. Here's how!

// The Summer "YES" List from Madewell aka 11 things you didn't know you needed, but now you won't be able to stop thinking about. Sorry in advance.

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