26 January 2015

life lately, according to my phone

Rather than apologize for my absence on here as of late, I thought I'd let my phone do the talking.

1// I've been dreaming about warmer days in South Haven a lot lately. I guess you could call this a throwback. Ugh, Michigan let's pull it together. Bring on El Nino, or some other weather phenomenon where it's warm. Minus all the other awful things that come with global warming...you get my point.

2// He's not the first man to marvel at my top knot #WeShareGenesKid #SeriousHairGame

3// Some vintage finds from last weekend. Would you look at that wooden man? He's got attitude. His name's Walter. I'm debating whether or not I'll sell him. Oh by the way, opening my very own vintage shop online! I'll write a post about that one later...probably in a month or so, since that's how I've been posting these days.

4// A semi-awkward beach selfie that was my public service announcement to assure my fellow pale Midwesterners that I represented them well while on my work trip in Florida last week.

5// On said work trip to Florida last week, the security agent at TSA asked to pat my down my hair. You know, really cop a feel with those nasty gloves. I'm not sure what she expected to find in there? I kind of wished a bird would fly out or something...#topknotproblems

6// A photo of the beach from last week that I'm putting here just to remember that places like this really do exist.

7// Enjoying Sunday dinner at home with the fam-a-lam, a new tradition we've started. Yesterday it was pulled pork tacos. Yeah! I knoooow.

8// Reflecting on 2014, my favorite moment by far was getting to meet my nephew and watching my sister become a mother. Circle of life and all that!

9// No joke, I put on two completely different earrings and went to work and didn't notice until midway through the day. All aboard the hot mess express, choo choo!

10// I enjoyed holiday candy waaay past the time where it stopped being okay to do so. Ain't no shame in my game!

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