11 September 2014

taking stock // 2

Making: an effort to put myself out there.
Cooking: with the vegetables from my fall crop share is HARD, you guys! 4 weeks in a row of kale and zucchini is enough to make anyone a little nuts.
Drinking: iced tea, obviously.
Reading: US Weekly...ain't not shame in my game.
Wanting: creme brulee so bad right now.
Looking: up at the sky in the Midwest is sort of a magical thing.
Playing: country music repeatedly, I kind of can't get enough if it right now.
Wishing: that I would just get off my butt already and commit to the art project in my kitchen.
Enjoying: Spin classes lately.
Liking: every single thing at Madewell right now and wishing money grew on trees.
Wasting: food. It's just what I do, despite my best efforts to do better.
Wondering: what life has in store for me in the next few years.
Loving: my sister's growing baby bump. I swear that thing gets bigger by the day!!
Hoping: that my nephew will inherit my love of cheese balls when he's little so I have an excuse to eat them again.
Marveling: at how much I dislike the word 'blouse.'
Needing: to get back out to our little piece of Lake Michigan, pronto.
Smelling: the markers at work. kidding! but I do LOVE the smell!
Wearing: boots is acceptable now, right?
Noticing: how nice it feels to be off of Facebook for good.
Knowing: how to recite all 50 states in alphabetical order is a useful party trick.
Thinking: that this video of Golden Retriever puppies could be the best thing on the internet right now
Feeling: like a grown up since I became pre-approved for a house loan...on my own! *high fives self with other hand*
Bookmarking: fall outfit ideas.
Opening: the door for a lady will never go out of style, gents. Just sayin'.
Giggling: all last weekend as I binge-watched 'The League' on Netflix.