22 July 2014


one // my new bike!   
two // peonies. my sister grew them in her garden, and i may have stolen some
three // weekends at lake michigan
four // the moment i learned how to fishtail braid my hair (it's been up like this ever since)
five // despite not having taught in three(!) years or so, i'm back to Spinning! and it's just what the doctor ordered. oh endorphins, you sneaky little devils!
six // that sunday a few weeks ago where i bought 4 pairs of shoes that were all the same color
seven // because everything about this card is perfect
eight // so much fun with this one. always!
nine// the most perfect night there ever was for a baseball game in Detroit
ten// making a narwhal stamp in my art class. expect narwhal Christmas cards this year, everyone.

Oh, hello!

Pardon the absence! Life, ya know?

If you're a reader who knows me personally (which i'm guessing 99.5% of you are - if not, nice to meet you!), you'd get it...life is changing seasons, turning pages, onto the next chapter, changing course, and any other metaphor you can think of for a major life change. I won't go into too much detail on that, but things have been changing in my little corner of the world. Call Captain Obvious if you want...he can fill you in!


Because it's been awhile, I thought I'd just go ahead and leave a whole bunch of pictures up here for now, documenting my recent haps and shenanigans.

Time to dust the keyboard off, shoo the crickets away and get blogging again!

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