11 April 2014

when your love of thrifting gets the best of you

...and you realize how much of your tiny apartment is being taken up by things you couldn't live without (which, surprise, you can)...purge, I tell you!

And what better way then having your very own booth at the local antique market with your sister from the same mister? There is no better way, I am convinced!

So here we are, kids (in the words of my 90 year old grandmother). Hoping that the thrifting gods shine their sweet light down on us this weekend and we make some sales! If you're in the Ann Arbor area, then you really must come and at least give us a high five or something.

Pardon the poor photography, peeps - my DSLR decided to just up and run out of batteries the moment I turned it on (the nerve!), so my camera on my phone had to suffice. But you get the idea...

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