14 March 2014

the day i left for college (which no joke, was almost 10 years ago...)

I would say this is the epitome of #flashbackfriday, or whatever the kids are hashtagging these days. I was looking through my email last night for some old photos, and came across the email I sent my parents on my first night away at college. The picture was taken when my parents dropped me off. I went to school an hour from home; I didn't know anyone and I was oddly brave given how nervous I was.

Also, my hair was BLONDE, you guys. Holy blonde batman.

Ah memories...

Hi Mom and Dad!

Just reporting in from my new place. It's a little nuts being here, I've already had a pretty great night. I went to that meeting for my hall - the girls all seem super nice. Angela and I went around afterwards to all of the open rooms and introduced ourselves. I met a bunch of girls that seem really cool. I'm telling you guys, college is TOTALLY different. It's funny, I sat there, and I looked at my cell phone at like 1ish, and thought, oh wow, I don't have a curfew! I can stay out whenever, that was really weird! I got over that pretty quickly though, and just thought, this is SO COOL! It's still a little hard, I don't know the girls too well yet or anything, but there are definite friendship possibilities. Angela and I are getting along great too, so that's always good! I'm really just taking it one day at a time though. Anyways, I'll call you guys tomorrow or today as the case may be, given that it's already 2 am! It's so funny, so many people are up! Angela's on the phone with her beau, and I'm sitting here, typing away. Definitely a different lifestyle! I hope you both get this email, I'm not sure if it'll work! We should keep in email touch as well as on the phone! I love you guys!


My best friends today are all girls who lived on my floor freshman year. Time is so crazy, you guys.

I'm old. 


  1. OMG JUST saw this! Soooo crazy how time flies! So glad I met you living next door freshman year! Can't believe it's been almost TEN years! (man we ARE old) Love you girl XOXO Julie

  2. Just randomly stalking your blog...and YAY, I found this! I miss Armstrong Hall with all my heart. Almost as much as I miss all my Armstrong girls! xx Layna