06 January 2014

my efficiency levels are on overdrive right now

So here's the thing. I'll just be honest and go ahead and say that January really geeks me out when it comes to new beginnings and hope and promise and all that. And then I remembered that Apartment Therapy does their January Cure, and it started this weekend, so I wrote a project list for the various rooms in my apartment, and even got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed my kitchen and bathroom floors by hand all whilst listening to embarrassing 80's music and wearing my infamous topknot. Things got weird! One key element of the Cure is to buy yourself flowers every week, which I sort of love, although I'm pretty certain these beauties are responsible for my incessant sneezing and sniffling. But at least they're pretty, right?

ALSO, to help me keep on track with my blog here, I've committed to a 30-day photo challenge!

So let's go, Day 1!


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