08 January 2014

i work in a cubicle now

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It's funny because I always told people that if I could help it, I would never work in a cubicle as long as I live. And wouldn't you know, my new job requires that I sit in a cubicle. And for the record, cubicles really aren't that bad. Don't knock it 'til you try it, or something like that. And now that I'm working in the world of business casual (a place I'm not all that familiar with), I'm forced to find inspiration from places I've never really looked before. And can I be honest? It's actually a lot of fun!

And would you look at that bracelet from Anthropologie? It's completely amazing (and totally out of my price range)! I sort of love the idea of neutral colors and then layering on a colorful or dramatic piece of jewelry. It's kind of like saying "I'm here to work, but I like to have fun, too!" Finding that balance is an art I'm working on, but I love a good challenge, you know?

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