31 October 2013

ghosts of halloween past and narwhals present

Can I just be really honest here and say that I've never really been a fan of Halloween? Christmas, sign me up, Easter I get down with, but Halloween is just not my thing. As an avid despiser (not a word but I'm starting it) of scary movies, haunted houses, roller coasters - it's clear I'm not into being scared, and a holiday based around that just isn't my jam.

All that said, I have dressed up in years past (I think the Michigan State football player was my laziest costume to date - extremely last minute) and I thought I'd try to get into it this year. At least more so than last year, when I hadn't noticed the day's coming and going - totally oblivious.

So this year, I decided to be a narwhal (my favorite animal), and pass out candy over at my sister's house. This little girl came to the door with a pink spiderman costume, so I said "I love your spiderwoman costume!" And then the sweet sassy girl goes, with hand-on-hip "I'm not spiderwoman, I'm spiderGIRL!"And I wanted to high-five her and say "You go girl! Take your time growing up!" But I didn't want to bum her out or anything on Halloween, ya know?

Anyway, Happy Halloween to you and yours!!

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