06 July 2013

happiest of birthdays to you, America

A big happy birthday to you, America! You're 237 years old, and don't look a day over 100! Your birthday party is kinda nuts though, I've gotta say - Americans really love the sound of loud things exploding and drinking copious amounts of beer to celebrate your life.

Speaking of all things American, is there really anything more beautiful than a bright and shiny Airstream? I've had a long-standing dream of owning one of these beauties and traveling all around the country in it, and then somehow, something sort of magical happened. In the confines of the 700 square feet that I shared with my four other family members at our cottage this week, everyone got it in their heads that buying an Airstream just might solve our serious lack of space, and so we went to the happiest place on Earth, which is not Disneyland, sorry to break it to you. It's an Airstream dealership, with lots of shiny Airstreams, old and new. And young, charismatic fellows whose life's passion is selling Airstreams, who grew up in them all their life and think your nuts not to do the same (which we kind of are).

Anyways, the moral of this 4th of July weekend is that family is pretty great and that maybe, just maybe an Airstream may be taking up permanent residence at our house out west (insert an oh my gosh, is this real life? moment here).

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