03 June 2013

i went to the craft store and bought some yarn...

And this happened. I got pretty sick of looking at these lamps every night, which explains the "oh no, my bedroom looks like a hotel room" moment I had this weekend. I got them super cheap when I was moving in - the kind of cheap where something has to be wrong with them to be so cheap. Their shades were U-G-L-Y (like capitalized spell it out ugly - hence their temporary shades from Target) and their bases are not shaped kinda funky. But a girl on a tight budget can't be picky, am I right? And then this weekend I had a dream that I wrapped them in yarn and I woke up thinking it was the best idea ever. Until I got to the stupid store and saw ALL of those colors! 2 hours later, after far too much contemplation, I left the craft store with a few rolls of yarn and went to work wrapping them. And while I don't think they've reached their full potential, they're definitely better! A fire hazard, sure, but better nonetheless!