18 June 2013

a case of the Tuesdays

Aren't Tuesdays just the worst sometimes? It's like you can't blame having the case of the Mondays, because it's a Tuesday and all. And it's not Wednesday yet, which is hump day, aka the best work day of the week. And don't ask me why I like Wednesdays more than I like Fridays, it's just the way it is in these parts.

I'm going to get through my case of the Tuesdays by posting some photos from this past weekend, when the stars aligned and my best lady friends could come together and hang in one place for one glorious night. It felt like we were back in college for a second. Except we now have real jobs, babies, all that good stuff, which just means more fodder for discussion. And that's a-okay in my book, especially when you have creme brulee and chocolate-raspeberry mousse to wash all that chatter down with. And would you check out that rusty scale-looking thing Ashley got for her new house on a tiny thrift-store jaunt we went on before she left? My inner bargain hunter was experiencing such vicarious satisfaction over that one, I almost burst.

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