23 May 2013

some things i learned today

1// Meryl Streep, aside from being quite possibly my favorite human that I've never actually met, was born in the exact same hospital in the exact same town in New Jersey that I was. I know, we're soul sisters, I was thinking it too!

2// Never go bike riding in Sao Paolo, Brazil if you want to stay alive. Apparently people drive so crazy there...there are more bike deaths there than New York City or London. I heard about this guy who got side-swiped on his bike by a car, and his arm came off. And then the guy who hit him threw the guys arm in a nearby river. Not kidding. If you want to keep your arms or stay alive, don't ride your bike there.

3// They make gummy versions of fish oil. Yep. But they are mango and orange flavored and they ain't half bad. Between those, my cherry flavored B-complex gummy vitamins, and my assorted fruit gummy multi-vitamins,  vitamin time is quickly becoming one of my favorite times of the day. Plain, vitamin-less gummy bears are so last year.

4// Airstream trailers are dang expensive. Despite their high cost and my teeny tiny bank account, I've decided to set up a college fund, but instead of going to college once I have enough money, I'll buy an Airstream [that totally makes sense, right?] and I'll hitch it to the back of my tiny Volvo [that thing is small but sturdy] and I'll travel around the country, with Chris, and I'll blog and blog and eat and explore while he sells industrial steel paint booths to all the important businessmen he meets. I've run this plan by him, but I'm a lot more into it than he is...like a LOT more. As in, he's sorta not into it at all, but hey, a girl can dream, right?

5// They've discovered a workout that combines all the effects of a long run and a visit to the weight room into one 7-minute [SEVEN MINUTES, you guys] workout, and science backs the whole thing up! Praise the workout gods, my prayers have been answered!!

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  1. Sooo do I actually have to be able to do all of the exercises in the 7 minute workout for it to work? The push-up and rotation just isn't happening.