28 May 2013

let me count the ways i love this place

This little part of western Michigan plays a huge part in this girl's life story. Since before I could walk, we've made it out this way every summer, usually over 4th of July for a week or two. We always rented a spot, hopping from town to town with every summer that passed. It wasn't until last year that we got a tiny piece of this place to call our own. All 700 square feet of it - we like to be cozy, right up in each others' business all the time. At least that's what we tell ourselves ;) You so easily forgive this silly state for month after month (after month) of cold, gray weather when you come out here. This place has a piece of my soul that I don't think I'm ever getting back, not that I'm upset about it.


  1. "a piece of my soul" totally sums it up for me too! (Only in Indiana instead of "up north" - ha!) Lake Michigan is the best!!