15 May 2013

getting through a sick day

 disclaimer: I realize this is all rather melodramatic when you really look at your life and put things into perspective, but something about today made me feel like I had to tell you ALL about how sick I feel...


Something about getting sick on a sunny day seems wrong, doesn't it? To get all dramatic on you, it's like a hammer is inside my sinuses just pounding away all the livelong day. And my throat has taken on the form of sandpaper. Oh, AND to really impress you with my ladylike ways, my right nostril will not. stop. running. Good grief. It's like a leaky faucet, somebody call the plumber over here! Again, not like I'm dramatic or anything. Getting sick is really glamorous when you think about it.

How's a girl to cope? Looking around her apartment, of course, for things to take pictures of from the couch! 

Really exciting stuff!!

I actually got off of my couch to take this picture, which took me really looking deep inside myself for physical strength I didn't think I had right now. It's my first go at making sun tea - I've come to realize that I spend at least 40-50% of my paycheck on my FOUR-TIMES-DAILY (I know, disgusting) iced tea run to the coffee shop downstairs. In fact, if my employer would like to just send a direct deposit to them, that would probably work fine, too. In an effort to save some dinero, I've decided to have a go at making my own tea.

The new succulents I bought over the weekend. I joked that they were probably SUPER bummed I chose them because after all, no plant comes home with me to live. I'm trying my best to keep them alive, and so far, so good. In fact, I think the greenhouse effect my apartment has (sans air conditioning) could really help them live this time. Fingers crossed. And isn't that salt shaker table they're living on just the coolest? I know I've said that a million times, but I really could just go on all day about it.

Some times sick days are the best days to get things done, and so my planner is slowly filling up with meal plans, vacation days and birthdays. I swear, I'm a soccer mom in training over here. Just kidding. I'm sure such organization will fall by the wayside VERY soon.

The top-knot is the sick girl's best friend. I could probably tell you a thing or two about top knots and receding hairlines. In fact, I may just write a book about it. The first chapter will describe the moment I realized other people could see it too, when my mother so gently pats my head and says in the nicest way she can, "where's your hair?!" Good question, Ma. I'm not sure. What I lack at my hairline I make up for in thickness - seriously, my hair is thick, you guys.

Sick days also make for good catch-up-on-favorite-magazine time!

Hooray for pointless blog posts! Hooray for hopefully feeling better tomorrow! I'm going to go grab a Kleenex and continue throwing this raging pity party I have going on over here...

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  1. I love this post. Sorry you are sick, but it does bring out your clever side!