14 March 2013

this tiny place

Let me tell you a thing or two about this tiny place. It took me awhile to find - and once I found it, it felt like home almost immediately - all 600 square feet of it. A mix of old and new, family heirlooms and my own finds. It's pretty special, when you think about it - to find a place that really feels like it's yours. All yours. Every piece has a story - the salt shaker table my sister bought me when I was in college. The amazing ginormous folky oriental rug I found while thrifting with my sister one day (for $40 you guys!) The modern chair Chris got me as a Christmas present. The etching my great grandfather made. A hand-felted whale ornament from my family's trip to Alaska. The framed photo of all my lady family members from a girl's weekend last year.*

Despite my upstairs neigbor's nasty habit of playing really awful music at all hours (you guys...seriously, it's the worst)** and the sometimes strange smells that I am greeted with upon entering the apartment building, this place is pretty great.

Did I mention it's only 4 blocks from my sister's house? Is that not the best ever?! Really though...

*Not pictured is my 10" box TV from 1997. I am awaiting its swift departure upon the purchase of a larger television, but money doesn't grow from trees, you know what I'm sayin'??

**There is a forthcoming post about my upstairs neighbor. He is quite the character. Apartment living can be the weirdest sometimes...


  1. It really is a special place. Love how you have arranged every detail!

  2. These photos could have come straight out of a design magazine. Love everything.