20 March 2013

my phone says hello

01// cadbury creme eggs! spring is almost here, hurray!
02// mom and dad as youngsters. my dad was basically my age here, isn't that just nuts? and that mustache...can you even handle it? i can't. my mom was weeks away from having my sister here, so over 30 years ago!
03// my mama at 21. i love this pic of her. isn't it crazy to believe that your parents were ever your age?
04// my church.
05// i ate this entire bowl of popcorn myself, which is worth noting. there was a lot of it too.
06// celebrating chris' birthday last week, which was great fun. and you probably noticed and maybe even giggled to yourself that this picture does accurately portray the fact that my head is the same size if not larger than chris'. and his slightly high-looking expression. and my double chin. sigh.
07// my church, again. it just looks so darn pretty this time of year!
08// chris found and bought this caricature at a flea market. it's about 40 years old...and i'll admit that even when i saw it, i did a double take. as much as i hate to say it, it does slightly resemble me in the head region, at least. not sure what the whole "coffee, tea or me" nonsense is about. that woman must have loved her caffeinated beverages...and polka-dot bikinis (but who doesn't love polka-dot bikinis?)