15 January 2013

that's the last time i yell anything out of a megaphone while riding my high horse

So it got me. That stupid cold/flu thing going around that just about everyone (and their mother) has. I was all smug, riding around on my high horse, loudly yelling through my megaphone "FLU SHOTS ARE STUPID, PEOPLE! They don't work!" And I was really proud of myself for not getting sick - I'm always the first one to get sick.

Well, joke's on me because here I sit, sick as a dog. Do dogs really get sick that bad - where does this expression come from? I think sickness leads to clouded judgement which leads to pondering such silly questions. Darn you, cold/flu bug thing.

I am finally getting the last boxes that still sit on my floor put away and broken down - between the excessive naps I've been taking, which means it's a wonder that anything is getting done. I also had the cable guy come and install cable on my 1985 10-inch box tv, because as the cable company claims - it's cheaper for me to have both internet AND cable as opposed to just the internet. And can I tell you something kind of weird? I'm actually kind of bummed that there is a working tv with free hbo, because quite frankly, I was enjoying my tv-less life. It was quieter, more peaceful. Not to mention, I need binoculars to see anything on that tv from across the room - that thing is dang small.

Oh well. I'm blaming this excessive rambling on the massive amounts of cold medicine I've been taking. Cold medicine is kind of sneaky wonderful though, isn't it?

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  1. Oh man, I'm sorry! It is going around like crazy. I heard that the flu shot doesn't even protect anyway because it is a completely different strand.