07 January 2013

over the weekend

So I took my Christmas tree down this weekend. It was getting obnoxious, really. Staring at me with all of its sweet Charlie Brown-ness, dropping needles all over the place, mocking me for not being in the financial state to afford a vacuum. While I took the ornaments off of my very first tree, un-threaded the lights from its branches, I saw little bits of sap dripping down the trunk and I suddenly got sad.This poor little tree, albeit extremely prickly and kind of mean, was soon going to be set in its final resting place in our time together. The dumpster.

Ugh. It's all kind of depressing when you think about it.

I would sort of love it if my whole life could be captured in the filter that this photo is in. It's dreamy. Also, does anyone else experience this weird thing when you look through the view finder of your camera, and your nose scrunches up and your mouth sorta does too? No? Just me? I'm working on fixing that but old habits die hard, let me tell you.

Chris pitched in with me, and we got this chair for my living room. I've only been eyeing it for a little over a year now, and when I saw it went on sale, and when I remembered that Urban Outfitters gift card burning a gaping hole in my wallet, it seemed like cosmic timing, and so naturally I actualized it into existence.

I also bought free weights you guys. I'm going to try this working out at home thing for awhile. Plus, you can wear whatever silly outfit you want and blast the cheesiest 80's music you can find, which makes it all pretty great, and no one can see you. I literally danced in my room for 30 minutes straight once...I don't think I've ever had as many endorphins while working out as I did that day. You should try it.

And so another week begins. Mondays really are something, aren't they?

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  1. Thats why I work out at home, that and gyms make me feel super inadequate.:) I love the chair you got, so sleek & perfect!