03 January 2013

oh Apartment Therapy, you clever thing you

Apartment Therapy is hands down one of the best ways to pass massive amounts of time without knowing you are doing so. House tours, how-to's, before and afters...if Apartment Therapy was a person, I would get lost in its' eyes because it's that captivating and beautiful.

Imagine my joy when I discovered their January Cure challenge - a day-by-day guide to de-cluttering, organizing and prettifying your home, and how nicely its timing coincides with my apartment's unsettled state at the moment. I moved in about a month ago, and things are coming together, but nowhere near settled. And ugh, isn't feeling unsettled just not very fun sometimes? I'm living in about 700 square feet, which is fine for just me, but it's forcing me to get creative with storing and organizing my belongings. By the way, have you guys seen The Container Store?! Good grief, I don't think I've ever been so excited at the prospect of organizing my cleaning supplies. And I don't even like to clean.

Today's task is to set up your Outbox and place one item in it - your Outbox is a little spot out of the way of your daily routine, where you put things you aren't sure you love, and you let things get a little messy for a hot minute while you decide their fate. The idea is that if you let things sit in there for at least a week, you lose your emotional attachment to them, and they become ordinary objects. Brilliant, I say. I have a tendency to impulse buy in the worst way, so this could be especially useful for me. And the level of my attachment to seemingly useless inanimate objects is way higher than I care to admit. 50 nail polish colors I don't need? A vintage piggy bank? Kickboxing gloves I haven't used since college? To the Outbox they go. 

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  1. And by "Outbox" you mean "saving for upcoming clothing/etc. swap"....right?!?