01 January 2013

happy new years and the start of a project

Hello, 2013, you gorgeous thing you! Last year, I made a list of resolutions, most of which I kept - I didn't make it to a Cracker Barrel, though! And I had 365 days to do so - oh, for shame!

This year, rather than make a list of resolutions that I will undoubtedly not keep, I've decided to focus on capturing my life in photographs a little more regularly. I love the idea of looking back over the year and being able to see the year in pictures. Even seemingly mundane pictures, such as the two above of pillows, are a snapshot of that day, and quite frankly, today I am super excited about these new pillows {I want to name the white furry one because it's the closest thing I have to a pet in my apartment at the moment - any name suggestions are welcomed and encouraged}. So a photo a day it is!

Oh, and I want to try to be better about working out, blah blah blah...


  1. love the white fluffy pillow too! great colors

  2. I challenged myself to a "photo challenge" taking a picture a day in NYC, and I absolutely loved it! It got tough, so I feel off the band wagon a little bit, but I'm going to try again in the New Year. Hope you share some of your shots!

    The Glossy Life