17 January 2013

a lunch date

My sister and I both have been sick lately, and because we both have been experiencing some serious restlessness sitting around on our respective couches, we met for a lunch/thrifting date this morning. Those are the best kind of dates, if you ask me. I found a few treasures while thrifting (for under $9 total, thank ya very much), but was seriously smitten with our lunch spot, eat. Cider pulled pork sandwiches and dark chocolate pudding means my stomach was one happy camper - and my body totally forgot about being sick for ten glorious minutes.

Also, a preview of a dress I thrifted...it likely belonged to a stylish 70-year old lady, but I kind of love it that way. Also, my sister scored herself a job at one of the thrift stores for one day a week - you go girl!

**apologies for the clearly self-taken cell phone photo, you lovely people you. I never claimed to be a fashion blogger.

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