27 December 2012

life lately

It's safe to say that I took a break from blogging. When your brain can't quite put words together coherently, it's time to cut people a break from bearing witness to all of that - after all, no one wants to read a bunch of mish mashed, jimble jumble - am I right?! {Mish mashed jimble jumble is a thing, I swear, look it up} I'm 26 now - a year older than I was last time I blogged. Just inching closer to 30, I suppose.

Shoot, I forgot to wear my glasses today. Side note.

And happy belated holidays to all!

I've moved into a new apartment of my very own, which has been wonderful, except that it is entirely up to me to make sure there aren't any monsters in the closet - there's something about having a roommate that prevents you from worrying about such silly things. I did manage to furnish the apartment on a very tight budget, which was really fun, especially when my sister can find bargain deals like it's her job. I'll post pictures once I've settled in a bit more. Oh, and I've started a new job, and it's pretty great! Hooray!

And now I'm off to watch "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" for the 40th time because, well, I don't have cable. And it's one of the three movies I own - and don't even try to get me to tell you what the other two movies are, because they are even more embarrassing than that, if that's possible.

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