19 October 2012

so I taught a workshop last night

We made jewelry using simple metal findings and resin. The little shop I work at sells all the supplies to make almost any kind of jewelry you can think of, and so every so often I'll teach a workshop showing basic techniques, nothing fancy, to some of the loveliest of ladies after we close the shop for the day.

And yesterday, oh yesterday. Yesterday we held our workshop in the loveliest, most delicious of places. Our neighbors sell oil and vinegars, and I've learned that they might just be magicians - balsamic vinegar in brownies? Yeah, it happened. So after we made jewelry for an hour or so, we got to stuff our faces in the most ladylike way possible.

And so I ask you - have you ever done something where your soul just feels good? Like it just took a bubble bath while drinking hot chocolate in the wintertime? Cause last night was like that. I am repeatedly blown away by the niceness of people I've never met before. After three hours, I felt like I had made ten new friends. To be honest, I could have sat around and talked to these women for hours and hours. That is my very favorite part of teaching these workshops and why I volunteer to do it again and again.

So here's to our souls feeling good - this weekend and always! Happy weekend, all!


  1. A very special evening for sure.

  2. Sounds wonderful! I spent Saturday with all my favorite ladies. Total soul food. :)

  3. Yay to our souls feeling good doing the things that we love. Beautiful!
    xo TJ