01 October 2012

sisters, and dressing alike

Here's the thing - anyone who grew up with a sister knows that when you are younger, regardless of the age difference between you, your parents like to dress you alike. Matching dresses, matching hats, shoes, all that. And then you grow up and start to develop your own styles. Sometimes they are similar, and sometimes they aren't. In my sister and my case they weren't, at least until a few years ago. Slowly, we are starting to meet somewhere in the middle of each others styles, which makes borrowing each others' clothes much easier, and has made shopping together one of our very favorite group activities.

In any case, as you grow older, you also realize that the clothes-matching never quite stops if your parents have anything to say about it. But it's kind of fun that way. Yesterday, my sister and her husband came over for dinner and we went for a long walk beforehand. As fall is officially here and has brought colder weather along with it {FINALLY, am I right?!}, Mom gave us each an early Christmas present - matching fleeces, each in the colors she claims brings out our eyes the best {that woman knows her colors!} And even though we're older now, every once in awhile, it's fun to match your sister, ya know?


  1. The post made me giggle. Even though my sister and I are five years apart (and we were never good at sharing clothes) I secretly love when my Mom will get us matching stuff. It's fun to match sometimes ;)
    xo TJ

  2. My twin sister and I were never the same size so we could never share the same clothes! Lately we can share a few things and I take advantage of it because I love her style :)

  3. I always wished I had a sister, if only so that I had someone to match with! Somehow, mother/daughter outfits just don't carry the same charm :)

    The Glossy Life