12 October 2012

oh, here's a few things

In my absence from blogging as of late, I've been slowly but surely curing my perpetually sick self but also doing some serious thinkin, ya know what I mean? What sort of things do I want to write about on my beloved blog? What inspires me? All that good stuff.

And it got me to think that maybe, just maybe, I'd stick to writing what I set out on my blog to write from the beginning. Write about my life, sure, but also document my attempts to become ever-more domestic, despite all of my shortcomings {ie. my propensity for messiness, the fact that I'm clumsy, and oh yeah, I'm broke as a joke}. Focus more on my photography. And you know, in a past life, I wanted to be an interior designer and persued that for a few years. So I've always sneaky loved design a lot - why not talk about that a little more on here? You know?

And so, on a totally different note, I leave you with a very short list of my day today:

// loved seeing macho young dad singing and dancing to his little baby that was harnessed on him - oh be still, my heart!

// my usual lunch spot garnished my lunch today - purely for decoration. And they aren't the garnishing type, of that I am certain. But they garnished for me!

// cell phone is doing this wonky thing where it doesn't let people call me - anyone, except for the pharmacy. Not sure why, but CVS is totally cool in my cell phone's eyes, and is apparently the only one worthy of getting ahold of me these days. Must get a new phone pronto.

// heading out to Western Michigan with my main squeeze for the weekend before he heads out to do a world tour for work for a month straight. Am repeatedly trying to convince him that just because he is going to Brazil for work, that does not mean he should buy white linen pants. Am I right?

// met some girls today with southern accents. Again for the 64th time, wishing I had a semblance of a southern accent. On that same note, I had a dream TWICE this week that I was trying out for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, and my chances of making the team were good, people. In my dream, that is, not even remotely in real life.

And with that, I wish you all the best of weekends!


  1. Seeing dads acting sweet with their babies kills me. Every. Single. Time.

    The Glossy Life

  2. I say definitely write about what you know and love. And trust me, definitely wishing I could be more domestic. And wanting to work on my photography skills is high up on the list. :)
    xo TJ

  3. For sure you should keep your blog all about what you love so that it's always a happy place to visit every day.

    xo erica