21 September 2012

i've always wanted to carry my cell phone in a jane austen book

I breezed through Kate Spade's website last night to do my late night torture yourself by pretending like you suddenly have an unlimited budget so go window shopping at places you can't afford routine. And there were, as expected, a ton of bags I would love to someday have in a giant, MTV Cribs-esque closet...that is, if I ever win the Mega Millions jackpot.

While in la la land, I noticed a section of new clutches that looked like books. A Tale of Two Cities, Emma,  Pride and Prejudice, the Great Gatsby, Romeo and Juliet - they have all the classics. And they're selling for $325. And I still can't decide...if I ever do win the Mega Millions jackpot Cribs-esque purse closet, would I buy these? I think they're kinda cool. Would you guys?


  1. Eeee this is so cute! I mean, does Kate Spade ever really go wrong?!

    The Glossy Life

  2. Those are tdf!!! I do that all of the time. I'm in la-la land 80% of my life. Looking and dreaming of things that I'll probably never be able to afford.:)
    xo, amy

  3. Craft night?! http://seekatesew.blogspot.ca/2011/01/cwts-reveal-book-clutch-how-to.html

  4. I've seen these and I'm obsessed. I love Jane Austen novels with all my heart. And I feel like I was a flapper in a past life so the Great Gatsby is another favorite. Don't worry girl, our millions are coming ;)