13 August 2012

over the weekend, positive vibes and a happy monday to you all

This weekend spent at Lake Michigan was truly lovely. Walks on the beach, lots of naps, yummy food and plenty of Olympics action. By the way, did everyone see the closing ceremonies last night?! I felt like I had just taken some heavy drugs watching it. Does everyone remember the scene from Knocked Up where Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan get high on drugs and go see Cirque de Soleil in Vegas? It was kind of like that. Except the whole drugs part...


Can we talk about positive vibes for a second? 

I mean really, is there anything better? That smart mama of mine told me that to be really happy, we have to have three positive interactions for every one negative interaction. It's called the positivity ratio. I can't even begin to count the days where the negative trumps the positive - you know those days, the ones where you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and everything seems to go bad from that moment on? Coffee spills on your lap, you're late for work, forgot your lunch, get a parking ticket, can't get a hold of a friend and you stay in that funk all day long, ignoring all of the positive going on around you?

Well friends, there are countless opportunities for positivity all around us and we need to keep ourselves open to it {excuse me as I get up on my soap box and preach}. Case in point: driving today in a daze, a little {okay, a LOT} sleepy wishing I was still fast asleep in that comfortable bed of mine. I pulled up to a stoplight, and did the usual look around. You know that, where you're stopped at a light and you look around to the other cars around you to see who you're stuck at the light with? Anyways, looking to my right I make eye contact with this older woman who gives me the warmest smile - not the type where you've made awkward eye-contact followed by the obligatory smile, but a warm "hope you're having a nice day" smile. Trust me, such a smile from a stranger exists. And it's pretty wonderful.

This all got me thinking...how I can spread positivity to those around me?

Happy Monday to you all! I hope your week is magical.

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