09 August 2012

on life in a barn

that would be my sister with the bowl cut, and I'm the alien baby in her lap

One week of living back at home and I've noted the following...

// old photos are everywhere. I'm not a big fan of having photos all over my own apartment, but there's something fun about seeing old photos at your parents' house. It reminds you of how old you are, though, wowza.

// it is only natural to fear being haunted by animal ghosts. Sadly, I am 100% serious about this one. The other night, I woke up abruptly with a racing heart. So I turned the light on, only to see the shadow of some sort of limb in my window. Now this thing I saw very easily could have been a leg of a cow, or the tail of a horse...it's hard to say. After checking my closet {yes, I am 25 and still resort to this practice when scared}, and not discovering any ghosts of barnyard animals, I debated sleeping with my lights on for the remainder of the night, but remembered that light probably won't protect me from pig ghosts. Oh heavens, can you imagine being haunted by animal ghosts? Of the barnyard variety? It is kind of sneaky wonderful.

// splinters happen. a lot. And when they do, I still can't help but cry a little bit.

// there are always leftovers in the fridge. And it is GLORIOUS. Again, as mentioned here, my father cooks like he hosts his own Food Network TV show, and so leftovers are a beautiful thing. Seriously. You open the fridge at home, and a light beam shines out and the angel choir sings "hallelujah" and everything sparkles inside and shines so gloriously. It's pretty amazing, you should come over and see it for yourself.

// your diction is highly monitored. I consider myself somewhat of an eloquent speaker, with the ability to occasionally throw an impressive word into everyday conversation. But oh no, having a professor for a father means I'm being watched at all times - no mis-usage of words allowed. It must be that before living at home, my attempts to be impressive were either never corrected or went unnoticed.

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  1. Dear Emily- you make me want to move back home with you. Is there an extra room?
    Miss Nanci