03 August 2012

on life in a barn // the {mini} series

As mentioned before, I have temporarily taken up residence in my childhood home with two of the best roommates around. And as mentioned in this post, my childhood home happens to be a barn. There aren't any bails of hay horse stalls or anything {but there were until a few years ago} And since it isn't likely that I'll ever take up residence in a barn again or live at home with my parents for that matter, I thought why not do a little series about life back home after having already left home? Here is some insight of life back..

// spending the night in your childhood bed is a little bit like stepping into the twilight zone , so sleeping in a different bedroom is highly recommended...even taking the couch is favorable. Subsequently, when your entire life is currently boxed up in about 45 giant plastic bins, don't sleep in a room with those either. It's a little too clausterphobic to spend time with all of your possessions in a single room.

// four star dining actually happens every night when living at home with my father. I even said, "hey Dad, don't feel like you have to cook this well just because I'm home" to which he assured me that this level of cooking would happen regardless of my presence. Can you imagine? That mom of mine is one lucky lady to eat that well...when living on my own, it would be a microwave meal all the way. Or Chipotle take out.

// it's super important create new daily traditions outside of your house. For me, that's going to the gym before dinner. My gym happens to be less than three minutes from my parents house {it used to be twenty from my old apartment} so there really is NO excuse for me not to go. I also have started frequenting the coffee shop near my parents house before work - have started to see familiar faces already. Three days home and new traditions have already begun, hip hip for new traditions!

//  note to self: try not to think too much about the fact that you are living at home again. It's a temporary move to figure stuff out, and for the time being, saving a little extra money is going to be a really good thing. Don't worry self, your life won't become an episode of Three's Company with your parents. Quite frankly, my dad is nothing like Jack Tripper, and it would be a toss up between my mom and I as to who would be Chrissy {as neither of us are very Janet-esque}.

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