06 August 2012

awkward and awesome


//  walking out to car barefoot in sweats and towel wrapped hair, in what is usually a deserted neighborhood. But oh no, not today. Today, everyone and their mother is out walking their dog or checking their mail at precisely the same time you are making the longer than usual walk to your car.

// getting feisty with manfriend for never using the dinosaur head hair brush you gave him. Met with this kind reminder from him that using said comb in public isn't totally appropriate for men his age. Touche, manfriend. Will avoid shopping for your Christmas presents at the toy store next Christmas.

// when someone you don't know, often an older woman, stares at you for a long time, presumably because they think they know you from somewhere. This literally just happened to me, and it was the most uncomfortable 3 minutes of my life. If we know one another, perhaps just say "don't I know you from somewhere?" I suppose that, or she was staring at something wrong with my appearance, like a stray hair, or if I put my shirt on inside out. For the record, I just checked, and neither of these things applied to this situation.

// toilets that automatically flush. They always seem to flush at the wrong time, that's all I'm sayin'.

// leaving coffee shop, walking out to car, attempting open door...of a car that looks absolutely nothing like my car. Oh yes, of course I would get my tiny red car mixed up with a giant light blue SUV...sadly, I was not on my phone either, so I wasn't distracted. Did I mention that this car and mine were parked in front of a wall of windows? So everyone and their mother, including the giant light blue SUV's owner got to witness that moment?


// old men wearing cowboy hats...I mean really, is there anything more awesome?

// eating blueberries for every meal. Five pounds of blueberries in my fridge means serious blueberry consumption, not that I'm upset about it.

// being asked "lovely lady, where may I find the restroom?"...if everyone wanted to preface every question they ask me by calling me lovely lady, I would be very much okay with that.

// rainy days. Every once in awhile, it's exactly what you need. Especially if you can be in sweats with your hair on top of head a la topknot style.

// bringing something to the register at a store, only to find that it's on sale when you didn't know it...my inner Maxxinista always gets such joy out of moments like these.


  1. hahaha, you are too funny girl! and it's true, automatic toilets always flush at the wrong time. and then i feel awkward when i have to flush for the second time. how embarrassing, ha
    xo TJ

  2. Great post! I love your writing style :)