17 July 2012

awkward and awesome


//misspelling awkward four times before finally getting it right just now...brain wants to spell it akward, which looks kind of awkward in itself, no?

// boyfriend saying "you've got a boog" {short for booger, of course}. Nothing screams sexy louder than that...I've still got it.

// noticing the craziest thing you've seen in days {let's just say it involves a gentleman behind the wheel of a PT cruiser convertible singing loudly to Nickelback on his radio}, having a good chuckle to yourself about it, and then completely stepping in an oh-so-fresh pile of goose poop while you aren't looking. I think the karma police set me up on that one...thanks for the karma-check-goose-poop-trap, karma police. And I was wearing flip flops, so you really got me good this time. 

// the state of my car the present moment...dirty windshields, iced tea spilled in cup holder, empty water bottles strewn about...I can just hear my car's cries of disapproval with it's lack of care lately.

//104 degree temperatures, and my unrelenting urge to remove as much clothing as possible met with the knowledge of the societal disapproval met by such behavior...ugh, the struggle!


// the last Alaska photo I'll post - from our train ride home from Anchorage, and it makes my heart flutter a little bit.

//Chris' mama's home cooking, seven days in a row...she should have her own Food Network show, man, no jokes here. Waking up to the smell of bacon every morning isn't a bad way to live, that's for sure.

// my new llama necklace...it's as cool as it sounds. Want one, too? And a pig necklace as well?  Go to madewell and resist the urge to buy everything in sight...or do just that, if you have the financial means. And then invite me over so I can stare at your closet. Thanks.

// the entire new lookbook for the Urban Outfitter's home collection. Drool.

// those two awesome roommates I'll be acquiring come July 31st...Mom and Dad, I bet you're thrilled to have me back! Only temporarily, I promise!

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