22 June 2012

if we had a coffee date...

If we had a coffee date, I'd be drinking iced tea, because my tastebuds aren't quite grown up yet. I'd ask you to pull up a chair, get comfy, and perhaps split a chocolate croissant with me because quite frankly, is chocolate ever not a good idea?

If we had a coffee date, I would tell you how saddened I am that I haven't spent much time on my blog lately. It's as if the creativity, the words and the inspiration had come to a screeching halt and I am just now beginning to find my way back to it.

I would tell you that babies. are. everywhere. Seriously. It's as if suddenly spring comes and everyone and their mother is pregnant and/or carrying a little babe around on their arm and/or talking about getting pregnant. Everyone is just busy gettin' busy, I suppose.

I would tell you just how much I am struggling. Struggling with my blog, struggling with my future plans, struggling with even the most mundane daily tasks. Being a highly sensitive person can be a hard thing sometimes...but I'd also tell you that I'm working hard to fight the good fight. And it's working, slowly but surely.

I would also tell you how excited I am to travel to Alaska this weekend{!} with my family. And my mission to find and capture a photo of a narwhal has never been clearer - although I'm not sure they are native to that area. Also on my to do list, read up on location of narwhals and travel to said destination in the near future.

I would tell you that I am at least a little bit worried about where I will be living at the end of next month. I am blissfully ignoring the process of apartment searching, quite frankly. Putting off said task until I am at the point of pulling my hair out and biting all my nails off, while I fathom the likely possibility that I just may have to live in a box outside of my parents' house because of said procrastination.

I would then ask you to share with me what's on your mind and ask what your plans are for this weekend. I'd ask how work is going and how your family is doing. Then, I'd ask that we make a date to do this again sometime soon because I've really enjoyed this coffee date we had.

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