09 May 2012

some random thoughts on a wednesday

\\  The photo above is from Dad's birthday party a few weeks ago. We had a paddle ball competition, where we were to see how many times we could hit the ball attached to the paddle with a string. I was terrible. Terrible. Which is the case with most party games that involve any sort of coordination.

\\  Chris and I got dinner the other night, and then parted ways as he had to work a little that evening. It wasn't even three hours later that he came over with the darkest, most intense mustache that I swear to you, grew in a matter of hours. Picture Tom Selleck in any movie he's ever been in, and you can get a sense of the intensity. It was as if his blonde Norwegian roots up and left the building, marched right out of there in a fiery protest.

\\  Oh, and my toilet plunger disappeared - it just decided to travel to greener pastures, I suppose. But really. I just bought it two weeks ago and my apartment is far to small to lose something of that shape or function. So I had to buy another twelve dollar plunger, as it seems to be the only one available in the tri-county area...why does a toilet plunger cost that much unless it serves several functions, other than just plunging toilets? At that price, the thing should be able to vacuum my apartment and wash my car, too.


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  1. I was laughing so hard at the toilet plunger adventures that I could barely breathe as I was reading it out loud to Mike.