01 May 2012

on using ones hands

Now here's the thing. Although I hate to admit it, I am completely addicted to technology. I feel a little sense of panic when I'm unsure of my phone's whereabouts. I spend hours before bed on my computer, catching up on various blogs, and seeing what friends are up to. I even leave the TV on at night, falling asleep to Friends at a volume so low that I can hardly hear what they're saying, but just hearing the buzz in the background is comfort. It feels strange to imagine life without it.

And to be honest, the reality of this sickens me a little {okay, a lot}. I remember a time when everyone and their eight year old brother didn't have a cell phone, or a laptop or an iPad. Life seemed so much simpler then. People were so blissfully unaware of how inaccessible they were to others or to the web - it wasn't in their periphery yet. Can I hop in a time machine please, and go back to those days?

In my seemingly never-ending search for my life's calling, I've been made painfully aware of how important a role technology will inevitably play in my future job, and therefore my future life. Quite frankly, it bums me out a bit. I am very grateful to technology, as it's allowed me to write my beloved blog - but I'm also very conscious of how much time it takes away from me staring at the wall wondering what to do, as it has been in those moments where I've had some of my most amazingly awesome creative accomplishments.

It seems I'm going to have to make a very conscious effort these days to put down the phone, shut my laptop and turn off my TV and let these hands of mine practice something other than typing {although I will say that I can type at like 7,000 words per minute...silver lining, right?} It's like my little fingers are begging me to  get paint all over them, or let them snap a few photos on that awesome new camera of mine that I have gotten far too little use of, or maybe even let them use a needle and thread to embroider a pillow or something.

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