29 May 2012

memorial day weekend, unplugged

A lovely weekend out at our family cottage was just what the doctor ordered, if you ask me. Naps, long walks on the beach, and even some of Dad's home cooking can really make for an awesome weekend.

Last week, my brain was operating at a solid 70% capacity and falling fast. I found myself watching my brain cells fly right out the window and I think my computer and TV were to blame. When I was young, my dad used to say that if I watched to much TV, my brain would turn into bean dip. I thought that was something evil parents said to keep their kids from experiencing the joy that Saturday morning cartoons had to offer. But really kiddos, sometimes parents know a thing or two. He was right. And now here I was, some twenty years later, slowly watching my brain turn into bean dip day in and day out and I just was no longer having it.

So unplugged I went. To protect myself from myself, I deleted all social media apps and even "forgot" my phone charger at home. And it was glorious.

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