04 May 2012

a dream

Lately I've been dreaming of Winnebagos. Seriously. And the old fashioned kind, not the new fancy robot ones with expandable walls and all that nonsense. I'm talking shag rugs and really awkward 70's wallpaper. I have dreams of driving across the country in my trusty Winny, stopping at all of the important landmarks like the world biggest ball of twine or the world's largest peanut monument. And trying all kinds of yummy foods and meeting all the craziest yet most awesome people ever, all the while documenting my adventures on my beloved blog- it sounds kind of like the best thing ever, doesn't it? I think so.

By the way the world's largest peanut monument is in Ashburn, Georgia if you ever make it out that way. Definitely a must see, I'd imagine.

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