03 May 2012


I came across a note left from a vendor at work the other day who wrote in the most beautiful cursive writing I've ever seen. And then I thought to myself,

gosh darn it, when was the last time I wrote in cursive?

The answer is first grade. That was the first and the last time. We had done a class project where we made flowers out of construction paper that the teacher was going to hang on the wall for all to see. We were to sign our name under our flower, and that's where I wrote Emily in the best cursive my little hands could muster. Apparently a six year-old writing in cursive is a big no-no, because my teacher yelled at me and said she would have to cut that signature off of the bottom, and I was to re-write it in normal free hand, none of that cursive nonsense. Can you imagine? A shortened flower drawing in a long line of flowers, sticking out like a sore thumb? Lesson learned lady. Some twenty years later and I'm clearly still a little bit scarred...

So I wrote a letter to a friend in the best cursive I could, and I was so struck by how many times my brain glitched and couldn't quite grasp the concept of all the curly-ness and the whole not-picking-my-pen-up-off-the-paper nonsense. Certain letters got lost in all the scribbling, I'd be very surprised if she'll be able to read it.  Do kids still learn to write in cursive when they're young? Because they should...it's a lost art. And they should probably continue penmanship well into adulthood, as I clearly could use a little help.


  1. Somehow in high school I reverted back to cursive, and it has stuck with me. I find I write faster. It is by no means beautiful like that little note, though. In fact it's barely legible.

    PS I just stumbled across your blog and am loving it! Bookmarked :)

    1. I bet your cursive is much more beautiful than you think :) I seriously stumbled through that letter, it's so unnatural to me to write all squiggly like cursive calls for!

      So glad you found my blog! So glad to find your blog! I want all of your clothes, goodness gracious!