23 April 2012

a much overdue Sunday Funday

The unthinkable happened - Chris and I both actually had a Sunday free, so obviously packing up the car and driving five hours for delicious food and awesome old cars was what we were going to do.

Hitting the open road felt pretty darn good. I offered to drive {to be polite}, which was very quickly denied - after all, it was what was safer for those in the car and on the open road with us if I wasn't behind the wheel. We went and first saw that amazeballs old car - the General Lee I've decided to start calling it. Chris is hoping to add that bad boy to the little car family he's started, and I think it would make a swell addition. He even said I could drive it...can you imagine?

We drove an hour further west, stopping at garage sales and admiring the large number of cows along the way until we made it to that little lake house my family calls home. After a good long nap, we headed to dinner at one of our favorite spots called Salt of the Earth. It is here that not only will you find ghost pepper chicken wings with raspberry sorbet {yeah...I know}, but you will also start to think that the chefs have some God-like ability with food. Seriously. It's heavenly.

A couple hours home, and it was back to reality for us. Back to work, the beginning of another week. But it was so nice to get away, a fun Sunday for sure.

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