06 April 2012

in which things get a little fancy

You may notice things will start to get a little fancier around here. Fan-cy thanks to my new friend - my still unnamed pretty little DSLR camera. There are so many buttons that I can't quite figure out - this thing could probably fly if I could find the right button to push, that's how awesome it is.

Now, I think it's time for me to take some photography classes, really spice things up a bit around here. Also have you seen that gorgeous new header?! And the buttons that all link up to all sorts of fun things throughout my beloved blog? That would be the masterful work of the oh-so-talented Brittany Zeller-Holland at Two if by Sea Studios. Brilliant, right? Isn't this EXCITING?


  1. I love it! If you find some photography classes I would totally be down to take some with you! I have had my new cam since Christmas and STILL haven't figured out how to use it!

    P.S. It's Julie :) haha

  2. Thanks for the header love Emily! Keep up the great posts! (Fist bump!)