04 April 2012

a cleaning conundrum

Anyone who knows me even the teensiest bit well knows that me and clean don't exactly go well together. And I don't mean my hygeine, although on those few days I don't make it to the gym, that can be questionable too, I suppose. If you haven't totally been grossed out by me yet, then by all means, read on...

Why does cleaning feel so darn good? I mean seriously? The feelings of accomplishment and the good smells that come from it really are somethin' else. You'd think my sheer pleasure in all of it would get me to change, but unfortunately, I think I am forever set in my ways. I did not get the cleaning gene from either of my parents {both who have it, I may add}. Add it to the list of their good genes that I didn't get, I suppose{straight teeth, a socially acceptable sized-head} A schedule could possibly get me to do it on a more regular basis, but sadly I didn't get the "organized" gene, either.

See what I mean? It's a conundrum, which is by far the most fun word I've said all day, so I think I'll repeat it a few times.

Conundrum. Conundrum. Conundrum.

{Also, I will be posting something pretty fun tomorrow. It's kind of really fun, actually. Just FYI. Also, let me take this italicized time to apologize for the above photo. I got a new camera, and have not had a chance to use it yet. Darn you, busy life}

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  1. So you WANT to be Martha Stewart, but you're closer to Roseanne, right? Jan