27 April 2012

awkward and awesome

** note: I would just title this post awkward and more awkward, as it seems there has been far too much awkward going on lately, but we all need a little awesome, right?

     - noticing the ducks playing with a floating blue object in the pond in our apartment complex, only to realize later that it was our trash can that the wind had magically lifted off of the ground and blown 300 feet right into the very center of the pond. Roommate and I haven't quite figured out how we'll retrieve it quite yet...but it's been almost a week.
    - buying a toilet plunger at the store, this being awkward for two reasons. One, regardless of how few other groceries you have in the cart, the handle sticks out over the side threatening to poke everyone in their hind quarters. And two, does anyone really buy a toilet plunger just to have? In advance? It's like I'm letting everyone at the store know that there is a situation at my house, and this plunger was needed today...as soon as I get home.
    - wearing an empire wasted shirt to work, and having a customer REACH OVER THE COUNTER and RUB MY STOMACH saying "Is that a bump I see? When is the little one due?"And then having to let said customer know that no, I am not in fact pregnant...*crickets* ...and MORE crickets. Probably the last time I'll be wearing that shirt ever.
   - talking to someone, and then mid-sentence realizing that they can't hear you talking. Finish sentence, or just stop talking...what's a girl to do?
   - overhearing an older woman say "some people do it on the floor...some people do it on the table..." All I kept thinking was I hope she was talking about quilting or something, otherwise I may have to give my ears a good {power} washing out.
   - the amount of times I'm catching myself pushing my glasses up on my nose unconsciously, which is the nerdiest thing possible.
   - pulling my jeans out of the dryer first thing in the morning, and the awkward frog-like bendy dance I did to get them on after it seems they've shrunk five sizes. And then realizing I'm doing this in my living room, with the blinds open...with the lights on while it's dark outside. You're welcome, neighbors.

   - road trips, and consequently lots of good music and food and naps
   - that man friend of mine comes home today after a week of travel, and I kinda think I might give him the biggest hug ever
   - Instagram on my phone now, thanks to the powers that be finally letting us Android users in on the awesome secret. Seriously. Thank you.
   - seeing an old favorite singer of my family's in concert at a teeny tiny little concert spot with my parents. It was Scottish music and it makes my Scottish roots ache a little for the homeland
   - this insane crafting spree I've been on lately, I cannot be stopped!

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  1. Oh girl. I am so sorry. Belly rubs from strangers should just never ever happen. On the plus side, she'll probably never subject anyone else to that. Think of all the future awkwardness you're preventing!