05 March 2012

sunday funday

 Not having had a Sunday Funday in quite some time, the manfriend and I decided we were going to go big or stay home. To be honest, the stay home option is entirely to appealing on a Sunday afternoon - perfect napping conditions with nowhere to be is a recipe for lazy. However, we were bound and determined for adventure.

About 30 minutes down the road lives this magical place - a little slice of outdoor heaven, if you ask me. Cabelas is a diamond in the rough with its huge aquarium, a mountain brimming with taxidermy animals and more camouflage print than you know what to do with. We had fun walking around exploring the tent room - where Chris asked me how long I would last camping, to which I responded a couple of days. Let me come out and admit that this is a total lie - nothing about camping appeals to me, unless weather conditions are perfect, which they rarely ever are in Michigan.  Camping on a beach in southern California would be an entirely different story, however...

After leaving, we did make a quick stop next door at the Jerky Outlet to see what the rarest animal we could find jerky for would be. Alligator, Ostrich, Kangaroo - all seemed very exotic. And we got to sample each - a vegetarian's paradise, that place is.

After our outdoor adventure, we had lunch at our favorite spot and ate waaay to much, after which napping was a necessity. I forgot how great Sundays can be.

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