01 March 2012

Introducing Economics of the Home Variety

picture from here. also, how awesome is that little girl's face?

Hi lovely bloggies!

Don't like that name? Me neither.

Let's try again...

Hi lovelies!

Much better.

Drum roll please...

I'm introducing a whole new segment to my blog!

I was talking with sister this weekend about how we were sad we missed out on the whole Home Ec thing in high school. We went to an extremely progressive high school. We didn't have cheerleading, shop class, or home economics - basically, anything that would let boys be boys and girls be girls. It's kind of sad when you think about it. But what I think the powers that be in our school didn't realize is that those classes would actually be a lot more useful than learning calculus or who the 8th president of the United States was, or other nonense I can't recall now for the life of me.

So in attempt to become the undoubtedly more clumsy and messy, but less stuffy and significantly younger version of Martha Stewart, I have decided to add this little segment, Economics of the Home Variety, to my blog for those, like me, who are not naturally domestically inclined. 

It could be fun. Like really fun. Like watching a monkey tap dance while wearing a propeller hat, fun.

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  1. You two are so cute. I'll tell you what you missed out on. I took "Food" class in high school (don't judge, I took all of the AP junk too), and the valuable skill I walked away with? The ability to cheat at euchre.