21 March 2012

dear mr.migraine

Listen here, mister. I know you are one tough dude.

But to visit me 4 times this week? Really? I think we need a break from each other. A permanent break would be great, but somehow I don't think that will happen. It's been 75 degrees outside this whole week, but I think you'd rather me lay in bed with the blinds shut. Not fair. So I went to the doctor today, and waited for an hour and a half to meet with someone who told me not to eat cheese, red wine, bananas - really, bananas? Why do you have to take bananas away from me? And yogurt? Remember when you cut short my birthday dinner last year, before dinner even got to the table? Or when you forced me to go home in the middle of the wedding Chris was officiating for some friends up north? Or how, a couple weeks ago you cut my epic sunday funday adventure to Cabelas short? Or how last new years eve, I barely made it to midnight without wanting to poke my own eyeballs out? I guess you are not fun's #1 fan, I get that loud and clear.

Time to take control of you. You're getting on my last nerve. This is the year to figure out what makes you hate me as much as you do, and then get rid of you once and for all. Bam.

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  1. Hey I am one of Cara's friends... she tipped me off to your blog! Just want to say I am going through migraine hell right now too... five in 3 weeks (which isn't as severe as yours). I am also on the path to figuring all this out but they are real fun suckers. Hang in there and I hope you figure them out soon.